About Camelot

Image of Lincoln Memorial I "painted".


My family and I have various interests.  My aim is to track some of them, post some for family, and even keep track of a project or two.  That’s what this page/blog is about.  Call me Roboknight.  Yeah, I’m the original.  No, not that silly robot with the same name.  I chose this name long before the net was “the net”.  Back when dial-up was king.

I’m a techie with varied skills.  No, not “skilz”, although I have done a fair bit of rev-eng work.  I can “code” in various languages, but in the end, it only really matters what you’ve done.  I’ve had the tiniest nano-bits accepted in various Linux projects, but nothing major.  I even have a youtube video showing how to fix my favorite Star Trek ornament.  That provided one guy on e-bay the knowledge to create a “repair service”.  So, I’ve had an effect on people I don’t even know.  But, none of that kind of “cred” really matters.  Projects come, projects go, the only thing that remains, for me, is what I took away from it.

The biggest thing I’ve done so far involves fatherhood to two girls and my family.  Most of what I do now, I try to do for them, so I might be around for the long haul.  So that’s what this is mostly geared toward.  My family will eventually have their own pages.